Sawmill ENTERPRISE brings all the features of Sawmill PROFESSIONAL and adds improved scalability, extreme customization functionality, and support for MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, and Role-based Authentication Control (RBAC). Sawmill ENTERPRISE is intended for organizations with existing enterprise database infrastructure, a hierarchy of users needing highly granular access to Sawmill functionality, and/or a need for up-to-the-second reporting from a large log dataset being continually imported into Sawmill's database.

What's New Version

Bugs fixed:
If an LDAP password contains a apostrophe, it causes an error on login like, ""Sawmill Alert Syntax error: Unknown operator in expression."
When the option Report Options -> Numbers & Text -> "Use base 10 for byte displays" is changed, the changes does affect for previously-generated (cached) reports.
When building with multiple processors on 64-bit Windows, if an integer field value has a value more than about 2 billion, and it will be truncated to about 2 billion, even if the database field is specified as 64-bit.
...and more....

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