Save The Cat! 3.1.22

Story outline software program for screenplays
Guides you through the complete story development process step-by-step
Contains the method used by one of Hollywood’s most successful


New User Interface – Everything’s in one window: Title and Logline,
the Beat Sheet, the Board, the Litter Box, and a new Notes Corkboard.
Size, expand, or hide sections as you want to. Choose between 4 font sizes.

The Beats and Beat Cards – The scene cards that are automatically
created for the 15 beats remain linked to the beat, so if you change the description for the beat, the description in the card changes—and
vice versa. Plus, you can use these additional, optional beat cards
on the Board from Save the Cat!® Strikes Back:

3 Set-Up Cards – one each for “At Home,” “At Work,” and “At Play”
Debate – “Home” and “Work”
Fun and Games – 4 cards, alternating between B Story and Fun and Games
“Internal” and “External” cards for Bad Guys Close In
5 Finale cards for the elements of Blake’s Five-Point Finale: “Gathering the Team,””Executing the Plan,” “The High Tower Surprise,” “Dig Deep Down,” and “The Execution of the New Plan.”
and more....

Lang: Englisch
Size: 12 Mb
Format: .dmg
Hoster: Uploaded

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