sArchiver is the lord of archives.

• Complete RAR support (compress, decompress, password protected, split volumes)
• Compress, Extract, Test, Split: rar, zip, 7z, ARJ, LHA, gzip, bzip2, tar
• Compress & Upload to FTP with ease and automation
• Send email notification with link (optional) when FTP upload complete
• Integrated DMG image creation utility. Supports AES-128/256 password encryption.
• Unique SFX (self-extracting) technology. sArchiver is able to create independent self-extracting archives. The SFX archive doesn't need any application to extract it self. That's freedom.
• Integrated backup system. sArchiver can backup your Applications Preferences and personal Documents. The backups are totally independent. You don't need sArchiver to restore your information.
• Integrated archive converter. You can convert rar, zip, 7z, LHA, ARJ, gzip, bzip2, tar to rar, zip, 7z.
• sArchiver can preview your archived picture collection without extracting the archive.
• sArchiver is able to extract multiple archive files directly from finder. (select all files and double click on one of them while they are all still selected).
Version 3.8.13:
• fixed bug when extracting tar.bz2/tbz2 archives
Intel, Mac OS X 10.5 or later

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