RusLiveFull RAM 4in1 by Nikzzzz CD/DVD (28.02.2013) | 2.58 GB

Windows RusLive - of the fastest Live CD. Programs are loaded into memory. Not all programs will run at a specified minimum memory. Assembly automatically supports multi-core processors, USB3.0, current SATA / RAID / SCSI-controllers, file systems (FS) EXT2/EXT3/EXT4/exFAT/UDFS, GPT, encrypted filesystems. In the boot menu there are sections of programs and utilities: Tests, Acronis, Terabyte, Security, GeeXBoX, Disk Utilities, Ruslive-RAM (loading into memory, choice of options: Mini, Lan, Multimedia), Ruslive-RAM Micro (load into memory, 128 MB), Ruslive (version Micro, 128 MB, miniNT), MsDos, Plop Boot Manager.

Ruslive PE is presented in the assembly in ways:
- RusLive Micro (miniNT loading, minimum RAM 128 Mb, no: the nerk, the console mmc, part sistem.dll in bootable. Menu "Ruslive 128 Mb Memory")
- RusLive Micro (RAM-loading, minimum RAM 128 Mb, no: the nerk, the console mmc, part sistem.dll)
- RusLive miniLan (RAM-loading, minimum RAM 160 Mb, support nerk, the console mmc)
- RusLive mini-media (RAM-loading, minimum RAM 256 Mb, nerk, USB, OpenGL)
- Ruslive Multimedia c expanded support for audio cards (RAM-loading, minimum RAM 256 Mb, nerk, USB, OpenGL, DirectX).
(Total 4 types on the basis of support functions and memory usage, are presented in the Micro version of "placer" form and packaging WIM, the latter requires pre-loading the contents of the package in the wim-RAM.)

In all variants of the same menu RuslivePE for Mini and Micro assemblies Some items / commands (PENerk, Manage / UpravlenieKompyuterom, FoxitReader etc.) simply does not work.

Version Ruslive MM (Multimedia) support search, install and run the audio drivers and Windows c applets using the driver package, which includes more than 200 drivers for the following categories and manufacturers:
1. Creative sound card brand
2. Solutions on chip Realtek
3. Aydioustroystva brand Sxant
4. Drivers HDMI
5. Drivers for Virtual Machines VMWare, Sun xVM
6. ADI Soundmax for Desktop & Nout
7. VIA audio codecs
8. OEM-driver Asus
___ ... and many others
In the format of CD audio driver package for version Ruslive MM is missing (not included).

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