Resolume Arena & Avenue 4.2.1

Resolume Avenue 4 VJ Software
Resolume Avenue can play multiple layers of full HD without skipping a beat and it can handle multiple live inputs to make it a virtual video mixing desk.

Resolume Arena 4 Media Server
Resolume 4 comes in 2 editions. Avenue is the VJ software you know and love, Arena has all the features of Avenue plus features you'd expect from a media server, soft edging, screen warping, DMX input and SMPTE timecode input.

Screen Warping & Video Mapping Arena
In the advanced output window you can now create as many slices from your composition and position and transform them to your liking. This is perfect for projection mapping on many surfaces. Your surfaces do not have to be rectangular anymore either, you can warp your video onto curved screens with the advanced bezier transformations.

Generative Content
Resolume plays all your interactive Quartz Composition and Flash animations including AS2 and AS3 scripting. Use it to display text input from Resolume and with parameters you can gain even more control over your animations and tweak your content while VJ-ing. Watch the Resolume & Flash Video. Watch the Quartz Composer Video. If you're feeling really adventurous your can even code your own generative content in openGL by compiling FFGL source plugins.

Other New Features in Resolume 4
• You configure every layer to automatically start the first clip when the composition has loaded. This is very handy for installations where Resolume needs to start playing clips automatically in combination with the Auto Pilot.
• Ignore Column Trigger, prevents clip from being triggered when the column triggers are used.
• Scale to Fit button for clip now cycles through 4 modes, first it will scale taking into account ratio and fill to the hight or the width, then it will just match the composition size and the fourth time it's back to default, this also works when multiple clips are selected.
• Recent compositions menu for quick access to last opened compositions.
• New version of DXV Codec (2.2) compresses files faster by utilizing multiple processors.
• Invert checkbox for mouse mapped controls.
• Type ahead selection in File,Effect and Composition browser.
• Position of windowed output is remembered.
• Windowed output position can be changed with the arrow keys.
• Show Display Info (option in the menu to identify the different displays).
• Global Clip Start offset to compensate for clip trigger latency via MIDI or OSC.
• Tailored MIDI support for Akai APC Midi controller.
• Invert option for masks.
• Value editor popup for parameters.
• Ease in-out for all parameters.
• Drop effect directly on layer thumbnail.
• Drag file on video or audio track zone in clip properties panel to replace video or audio track without resetting parameters.
• Property panel sizes and layout is remembered.

Resolume 4 Enhancements
• Smaller composition files for quicker loading of decks.
• Great reduction of memory usage.
• Effect presets are stored in separate files, this makes it easier to import and share user presets.
• Improved recording performance.
• Preview panel checkerboard backdrop for better transparency viewing.
• Faster OSC input.
• Flash text field transparency fix on Windows.
• Better FFGL Syphon support.
• Much faster thumbnailing and analysis of audio clips.
• ArtNet DMX fixes.
• Improved rendering of odd sized files.

New Plugins in Resolume 4
Crop, Delay RGB, Infinite Zoom, Terrain, Line Scape (source), Lines (source), Cut (mixer). Plugin Mixer pack is now included in version 4.

What's new in version 4.2.1:
- [FIXED] BlackMagic Intensity (Pro) jumps to 0x0 resolution after moving clip or reloading
- [FIXED] Thumbnailing fails on short clips
- [FIXED] Clip sometimes shows last frame on resync
- [FIXED] Retrigger and Continue modes are confused if clip start offset is set in preferences
- [FIXED] Continue on clip with in and outpoint no worky
- [FIXED] Comp Midi map shortcuts for Clip Transport BPM Sync /2 and *2 are not saved
- [FIXED] Window background color black instead of White
- [FIXED] DXV 3 compression memory leak
- [FIXED] Instant crash with non clean aperture DXV3 file
- [FIXED] DXV 3 No Quicktime FFmpeg fallback no worky
- [FIXED] Transitions don't work on PC with DXV3HQ files and sources with alpha
- [FIXED] QuickLook plugin prevents files from being deleted
- [FIXED] QuickLook plugin breaks Photo Jpeg thumbnailing
- [FIXED] Solid Color effect jumps to pink on 1.0
- [FIXED] Some plugins crash on start
- [FIXED] Some plugins have memory leaks
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Resolume Avenue 4.2.1 Multilingual + Keygen-TEAM R2R : 388.15 MB
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