QuarkXPress Xperience Design 8.16 + MathMagic Pro 4.97.1 | 764 MB

QuarkXPress - a powerful publishing system, with its intuitive interface and expanded set of tools for word processing, color management and graphic elements, and designing web pages. The program is widely used in books, newspaper and magazine publishing, advertising and marketing agencies, design firms and publishing houses.

With new features such as management tools and technology of transparent objects Composition Zs, as well as improved printing functions and create documents in PDF, the application provides complete freedom in the design process and the ability to work with documents.

Classical QuarkXPress tool palette is optimized to match the modern style of work: Users can impose pages faster than it has ever been. A new and unique tool Picture Content («Graphic Content") lets you capture, rotate and resize images without the need to enter numbers in dialog boxes or switch between tools.

Existing tool Item («Element"), as well as a new tool Text Content («Text Content") intelligently respond to user, so now you can at least switch between tools, even for rotation or processing of several elements.

MathMagic Pro Edition For QuarkXPress - universal formula editor, aimed at researchers, teachers and students to work with QuarkXPress. The software comes with an extensive library of mathematical and scientific symbols and a set of templates. Users can save the results of their work in the formats JPEG, PDF, EPS and TeX. MathMagic allows you to import, export and transfer of methods «copy-paste» LaTeX document contents and to import files MathML. The list of improvements includes enhanced customization of image parameters PICT, as well as support characters of European alphabets, and additional character sets. MathMagic is a separate application with intuitive user interface. Working with him is as easy as with a regular text editor, so it can be a good idea to learn just how much hours.

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