Path Finder 6.5

The Finder, reinvented
Path Finder is an award-winning file browser and management application for Mac OS X. If you've ever wished Apple's Finder just did feature X or feature Y, Path Finder may be what you've been looking for.

Path Finder is a standalone application that leverages what you already know about working with your files. It takes the Finder's familiar interface and adds numerous powerful features and interface innovations to help anyone be more productive on Mac OS X.
Dual Pane File Browser
View the contents of two folders or volumes side-by-side in one window.
Drop Stack
Freeze drag & drop operations by placing files into a temporary stack.
Tabs & Bookmarks
Use the best features of a web browser in your file browser.
File List Sorting & Filtering
Sort by folders first, or limit a list of files by name or extension
Command Line tools
Path Finder puts a terminal right in your file browser, and provides a graphical interface to some popular UNIX utilities.

What's New
Version 6.5:

Column view headers fix for Mavericks.
Key shortcuts mapping fix for Mavericks.
Tiled desktop image fix for Mavericks.
QuickLook image preview fix for Mavericks.
PDF preview fix for Mavericks.
Path Finder no longer previews Mail .eml(x) files as text files.
Menubar icon list fix for Mavericks.

Version: 6.5
Format: .app
Lang: Englisch
Size: 26 mb
Hoster: Uploaded

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