openSUSE 12.1 [i586] + Addons | 4.87 GB

openSUSE - a free operating system based on Linux for your PC, laptop or server. You can browse the Web, manage email and photos, do office work, watch or listen to music. openSUSE - it's stable, easy to use and complete multi-purpose Linux distribution.

- It can use regular users and developers on their own workstations and servers. It is well suited for novice users, experienced users and supervunderkindam, so it's perfect for everyone!

- The latest release, openSUSE 12.1, has many new features, as well as updates for all server and user applications. It comes with 1000 applications with open source.

Features openSUSE:
- Full desktop operating system
In openSUSE has everything you might need for work and entertainment. View the web sites that work with mail, chatting with friends, documents and more - all free of charge.
- Included a full-fledged office suite
Use LibreOffice to create professional-looking documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. In LibreOffice you can work with documents created in other office suites.
- Enjoy the Internet security
Forget about viruses and spyware! In openSUSE they simply do not. Also included in openSUSE browser Firefox, is able to warn you about known phishing websites and protect you from identity theft.
- Multimedia and Entertainment
Listen to music and podcasts, watch videos using Banshee and Amarok. Organize, edit, publish and look through photo albums in F-Spot or DigiKam; make new photos of yourself or your friends with Cheese.
- Mobile life
openSUSE works well on laptops and other mobile devices. Thus, openSUSE does not tie you to the workplace!
- Easy transition
You are upgrading from another operating system and want to be free with Linux? Then the list of equivalent applications can help you find a suitable replacement previously used applications.
- We support you
OpenSUSE products have support and free upgrades for 18 months after the release. The openSUSE community is ready to help you with any problems or issues arising from the use openSUSE.
- The full source code
OpenSUSE products enable developers to get the full source code for each binary package in the distribution