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Thread: NextWaveDV - HDSLR 101 - Directing Camera Tutorials

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    NextWaveDV - HDSLR 101 - Directing Camera Tutorials

    NextWaveDV - HDSLR 101 - Directing Camera Tutorials
    English | AVC1 1280x720 24 fps | AAC 123 Kbps 44.1 KHz | 7.11 GB
    Genre: eLearning

    HDSLR 101 tutorials is a tutorial pack that will get your knowledge level from amateur to advanced cameraman, or director. Also there are Editing and lightning techniques tutorial included that goes together.


    1 Intro to shooting video on a HDSLR
    2 Choosing the right HDSLR
    3 Understanding how video works on a HDSLR
    4 Setting up your HDSLR for shooting video
    5 Monitoring Your DSLR Video
    6 Camera Rigs
    7 Sound and Microphones
    8 Setting Correct Exposure
    9 Choosing the Right Lens
    10 Getting Smooth and Stable Footage
    11 Editing, Transcoding and Color Correcting your DSLR footage
    12 Sound and Audio Post Production

    Canon DSLR Video Monitor for FREE Using your Laptop
    Cheap Video Lighting with Photo Flood Lights
    Color Correction with Premiere Pro CS4 CS5
    CPM Filmtools Bulldog and Sidewinder HDSLR Rig Review
    DIY Canon HDSLR Remote StartStop for $10
    DSLR Commercial Video Shoot - Behind the Scenes
    DV-TV Canon XA10 Review, Rule of Thirds, Camera Bags
    DV-TV CPM Film Tools Cubed Rig, Color Temperature, Final Cut Pro X Thoughts
    DV-TV D-Focus and D-Zoom Review, How to Create the Hitchcock Zoom
    DV-TV Helmsman USB HDSLR Focus Controller, F Stops Explained, Interview Koo from NoFilmSchoolcom
    DV-TV ikan VL7 Monitor Review - NAB 2011 Gear - Canon XA10
    DV-TV Jag35 DSLR video gear, rig, monitor, electronic follow focus review
    DV-TV NAB 2011 Recap and Behind the Scenes
    DV-TV RigWheels Review, How to use a Dolly or Slider
    NextWaveDV Podcast 2 Interview with planetMitch from planet5D

    Creating a Cryogenically Frozen Tank Effect - Lighting Tips
    DSLR Rig and Gear for Video Production and Filmmaking
    DV-TV SmallHD DP4 EVF Review, How to Light Outdoors
    DV-TV Zip Lens Gears, AC2 Bag, Labeling Your Gear
    Follow Focus Comparison - Redrock Micro vs CineCity
    Home Alone
    How to Build a Camera JibCrane
    How to Shoot Wedding Photography
    Kessler Crane Pocket Jib and Pocket Dolly Review
    Manfrotto 504HD Fluid Head Tripod Review
    NextWaveDV Podcast 3 Interview with Tony Mata Director of Photography
    Top 5 Easy Adobe After Effects Expressions
    Video Lighting Tutorial - Day and Night Lighting

    mORE iNFO


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