Nextlimit Maxwell Render ver. 2.6.0 (32bit/64bit) Plugins

Nextlimit Maxwell Render ver. 2.6.0 (32bit/64bit) Plugins | 656 MB

Maxwell Render Nextlimit company is an independent system of visualization (rendering) of threedimensional objects, which is based on the principle of "no assumptions". That is, it is based on the physical properties of light and surfaces. Since the program uses the equation of the wave theory of light, it allows to visualize threedimensional scenes with unprecedented quality.
The new version of Maxwell Render 2 carries a large number of new features, improvements and additions, including the following:
Significant improvements in speed and reduction of "noise" due to optimization of caustics, emitters, mirrors, HDRI, etc.
Significant improve clarity, color, light distribution, etc.

Stacked Layers: Materials can now "stack" on each other, similarly as in a photo editor with layers.
Thin SSS: subsurface scattering in V2 now has a special mode that can be applied to singlesided geometry. This mode is very suitable for foliage, lampshades, paper, etc.
Support files IES and EULUMDAT.
Color Multilight: Added ability to edit the color of the light source in real time.
Added compatibility with RealFlow.
A new plugin for Modo.
And much more.

Key new features and enhancements in this version:
A new procedural primitives for creating hair (compatible with Shave & Haircut, Maya Hair, Max Hair, Ornatrix, Cinema Hair);
A new procedural primitives for rendering particles (compatible with RealFlow particles, Maya particles, 3dsMax);
Support for vector displacement and a new algorithm for displacement;
Support for the reference MXSfalylov;
Support for the reference materials ()
Improvements in image processing, filtering, and aliasing (Big improvements in image processing, filtering and aliasing);
Improved integration with RealFlow;
and others

System requirements:
Windows (32 and 64):
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7.
2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor, Athlon AMD or better.
1GB RAM minimum. 2 GB of RAM memory is highly recommended.
400 MB available hard disk space for installation.
3 button mouse recommended.

3D Studio Max 82012
ArchiCAD 1215
Cinema4D 12, 13
Form Z
LightWave 8, 9, 10
Maya 20082012
Rhinoceros 4, 5
SketchUp 6, 7, 8
SoftImage 2011, 2012
After Effects

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