nessViewer is a software for the creation and management of→media shows and a →MediaCenter for movies, music and internet.

Because it is necessary to collect, arrange and edit media before enjoying a good media show or presentation, software treatment tools are integrated in nessViewer which allow an individual preparing of the media.

Media: edit
Of course there are technically mature applications for the treatment of movies/videos and pictures, but for quite a lot of little tasks a few tools would be completely sufficient for the editing of media. So it is incredible if these tools exist in the same application.

Media in nessViewer
In nessViewer the most different media can be used. This concerns:
â–Movies (videos, → telecasts, podcasts, EyeTV films, → live streams)
â–PDF documents
In nessViewer the media can be edited, arranged and presented. nessViewer offers treatment tools which allow to carry out smaller treatments in the media and to avoid therefore the change in more extensive software products.

Pictures processing
Movie processing
PDF document processing
Internet browsing
Media collection and arrangement
Media presentation

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