Nero Multimedia Suite 11.0.10700 & Suite Platinum 11.0.15500 Multilingual ReCODE-iOTA | 1.48 GB

Nero 11 enables a new way to create and share with others photos, music and video. You get a really high-grade tool that includes features simple and advanced video editing, video conversion innovative technology for watching movies on any device, as well as the possibility of burning and backup for all your needs for working with digital content.

Features Nero Multimedia Suite:
The integrated Nero MediaBrowser
Thanks to a completely new Nero MediaBrowser can easily start working on any project. Most projects can be a one-touch access to a library of music, photos and video. Your work will become easier and more convenient, for now, just drag files to photos, videos and music from the library Nero Kwik Media in your project.

Convert and compress DVD-Video * and video
Whether it's video, shot on your mobile phone, or DVD-Film, each device requires its own format playback. 11 Nero provides advanced video transcoding, which allow you to convert almost any DVD-movie or video to any video format for playback on any device, so you can easily view your favorite videos everywhere.

Project Importer Windows Live Movie Maker ?
Import and edit projects Windows Live Movie Maker directly in Nero 11. Open video files Open Windows Live Movie Maker, and immediately begin to improve the original design, adding new effects for professional results. Thanks to the advanced editing features you can add to your video professional touches.

Simple and advanced editing mode video
Get amazing results, regardless of their experience in video editing. You can easily switch from Express Storyboard editing mode in the advanced editing mode and continue working on the project in the same window. Go from the simple and easy to use templates to the effects of multi-track editing, management of key frames on a single screen video editing, a wonderful blend effects templates "Picture in Picture" and much more. Do your homework projects in sparkling delight friends and family like never before.

Nero LIVEBackup
Simple backups in one-touch by using Nero LIVEBackup to protect all your files and even whole operating system. You can choose to back up manually, but only Nero LIVEBackup provide continuous, reliable backup.

Burn multiple discs
The experts, who first implemented the technology to burn, constantly improving their decision. Exceptional app Nero SecurDisc 3.0 Scanning the surface of the disc ensure legibility, regardless of scratches, age and wear, so that your content will be stored for a long time to drive safe and sound.

Copy DVD
Move movies to DVD-ROM drive directly to the PC using one-touch copying. Put all your DVD movies and Blu-ray * into a single media library by copying them to optical media. Advanced settings allow to copy only what you need, eliminating unnecessary parts, tracks for other languages, additional materials and more.

Features Nero Multimedia Suite Platinum:
Playing a Blu-ray
Play your favorite movies and home videos, recorded on discs Blu-ray, high definition sound and film-quality DTS and Dolby Digital Surround right on your computer.

Synchronizing via Wi-Fi and USB
Nero Kwik Mobile Sync allows you to share music, photos and video between PCs and devices, Android for wireless networks. Optimize your content "on the fly", because just one movement you can play almost anything, from songs from a playlist to iTunes downloaded movies. With the rapid automatic detection devices, you can choose any device from a large list of compatible devices and save it to your music, photos and video.

Best in its class, Nero 11 Platinum bridges the multimedia gaps with cloud storage, Blu-ray playback and mobile device support for syncing iTunes ? playlists, photos and videos with Android ? Smartphones and tablets. What you get is a 360 ? HD experience, complete with easy-to-advanced video editing workflows, plus innovative video file conversion technology for viewing movies on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Blu-ray Disc playback
Play back your favorite Blu-ray Disc movies and home videos burned to Blu-ray Disc in razor-sharp clarity with cinema quality DTS and Dolby Digital Surround right on your PC.

Wi-Fi and USB Sync
Nero Kwik Mobile Sync lets you wirelessly or USB sync music, photos, and videos between your PC and Android devices. Optimize your content on the fly with just one click and you can start enjoying anything from your favorite iTunes playlists to downloaded movies. Hassle-free automatic device detection lets you choose from a huge list of compatible devices to which you can move music, photos and videos.

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