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Thread: Namesuppressed Softener 2.10 Portable

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    Namesuppressed Softener 2.10 Portable

    Create stunning portraits and romantic wedding photos with Softener 2: the soft focus Photoshop plugin that gives your images a dreamy, glossy, soft focus effect. It's the same effect you see on magazine covers and glamor photos. The perfect way to make photos softer, and to make your photos glow and shine.

    Make glamorous photos with smoother skin.
    Softener is the soft focus effect used by portrait photographers to smooth skin tones. Adding Softener to a photo gives it a soft, dreamy haze that leaves skin looking as good as a magazine cover model. It's perfect for close-up photos and portraits - any photo where you want a soft, dreamy look.

    Like having dozens of soft focus lenses.
    Softener creates the same effect as soft focus camera lenses, but on your computer, and for a much lower price. Softener has hundreds of effects combinations, so you can be more creative than with a lens. And because Softener is digital, you won't need to reshoot a photo to change the effect - just click the Undo button in your photo editor and try again. With Softener's preview window you can see the effect as you change it, so you can tweak the settings until you find something that's just right.

    Use the same tools as the professionals.
    Softener is used by all kinds of photographers, for wedding photography, soft portraits & baby photos, through to glamour & sensual photography and even corporate photography. But you don't need to be a photographer to use Softener - our customers include web designers, print media artists, email stationary designers, sig-tag designers, and graphic designers from around the world. Try Softener now, and you can achieve the same results as the many other professionals who use it.

    What's New In Softener 2?
    - Runs 10x faster than Softener 1.32 - our #1 most requested improvement!
    - 64-bit version runs 30% faster than Softener 2 32-bit!
    - Supports 16-bit images in Photoshop
    - Supports RGB, Greyscale, CMYK and LaB image modes in Photoshop
    - Preview window nearly 2x larger than Softener 1.32
    - Faster support for multi-megapixel images (20 Megapixels & beyond)
    - Includes WinSparkle, to optionally check for plugin updates automatically
    - Newly updated installer program automatically detects all compatible photo editors on your computer and configures Softener 2 to work with all of them.
    - 32-bit version includes the brand new namesuppressed Photo Editor, so you don't even need Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro to use the Softener plugin anymore!
    - Shinier graphics, icons... and much more.


    Namesuppressed Softener 2.10 (x86/x64)
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