Microsoft Office 2010 Small Business Basic VL Edition | 820 MB

Microsoft Office Small Business 2010 is the essential software suite to work for the management of small business and home. Improved tools and capabilities to help your business communicate with customers and arrange to make your home more efficient. Photo Office Home and Business 2010 new features, video and text effects for creating documents and presentations outside of the competition. new communication tools in Outlook 2010 helps you stay in touch and organized. Office Small Business 2010, it's easier than ever to manage for you, the things in the office, at home or in between.

What's new?
Access, share, and edit work from anywhere you have an internet connection and keep it all safe and synced with Microsoft Office Web Apps.
Presentations can be broadcast to any customer, virtually anywhere with Web access, without costly or complicated software.
Sparklines, Slicers and other powerful analysis tools, provide simple ways to analyze complicated data, expose trends, and help you quickly address your most profitable opportunities.
Discover templates that help you hit the ground running.

Use our activator, just unpack and check readme.txt