Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac Professional Edition gives you all the exciting new features of Office 2004 Standard Edition- including tools to help you work smarter, more effectively, and more efficiently -plus Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac Version 7 to keep you even more connected with the PC users in your life.

The Office 2004 for Mac Professional Upgrade is only applicable for licensed users of Office v. X, Office 2001, Office 98 or any of the individual applications in these product suites, including promotional bundles.

Office 2004 for Mac lets you work with confidence and easily share ideas with anyone. From an intuitive on-screen Scrapbook to a growing stable of great looking templates to improved Junk E-mail Protection, Office 2004 offers even more ways to create, share and manage information in your home.

With a host of groundbreaking new features such as Project Center, to help you work smarter; Compatibility Reports, to help you share ideas seamlessly; and a Scrapbook, to help you create great-looking documents in a snap, Office 2004 for Mac can completely transform the way you create, share, and manage ideas and information.

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