MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 2014

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab is the perfect solution for digitizing and optimizing all your favorite songs, speech recordings, ringtones, video sound and live recordings. It's the quick and easy way to professionally adjust your audio and back it up on your hard drive, smartphone, MP3 player or CD/DVD in the absolute best quality!

- Ideal for recording and digitizing
- Remove noise quickly and easily
- Cut, edit, and optimize sound
- Master, convert and back up

Record & digitize – with 100% incredible sound
- Transfer your favorite music to your hard drive, smartphone or to CD & DVD
- Customize any audio material to fit your needs and enjoy old songs from records & tapes on your MP3 player, smartphone or on CD in your car stereo.
- Using professional tools you can record individual songs, entire albums or samplers and digitize or restore your favorite music on analog storage media with a few clicks.
- The intelligent start feature helps you achieve the results you want, no matter whether you want to digitize records, tapes or speech, remove noise from a recording or optimize the sound of an MP3 file.
- The audio program automatically adjusts the necessary settings depending on what you want to do. This way, you can start recording or optimizing your sound immediately and won't lose time clicking through menus and adjusting program settings!

SoundCloner Transfer your favorite sound to any song
- The brand new SoundCloner allows you to analyze a song's audio characteristics and transfer the results to other music tracks.
- SoundCloner uses equalizer settings as well as dynamic properties to adjust the frequency spectrum.
- Make songs and recordings sound like your favorite music - you won't believe your ears!

Over 300 presets for effective sound optimization
Take advantage of over 300 handy presets to quickly and effectively optimize sound and remove all kinds of noise, e.g. traffic, wind, rain, background noise, PC cooling fan etc. The presets offer solutions to a wide variety of common problems which means you won't have to make compromises with your sound quality.

- Effectively remove rain and wind noise
- Get rid of annoying PC fan noise, mobile phone interference and camera noise
- Reduce noise from planes, trains, traffic and much more
- More than 300 presets available

Perfect audio editing for your songs and recordings
- Cut, copy and apply effects to songs, ringtones and recordings – it's so easy you'll be able to get started right away. Even professional, detailed editing is possible!
- This high-performance software is up to any task. Edit MP3 track information manually or import it automatically. The volume of background music can be adjusted for spoken recordings automatically – ideal for podcasts and voice overs on video.

Optimized interface
- The fully revised user interface is guarantees a faster, more effective way of editing, optimizing and restoring your audio material.
- Even people familiar with older versions will be able to find their way around the new, decluttered design easily.
- With direct access to the most common parameters and settings you can keep track of your audio projects easier than ever before, you'll be amazed!

Remove noise and restore songs
- Distortions, crackling vinyl, hissing, cracks, humming, and any other noise can be filtered out with ease, greatly improving the quality of recordings. You can even add lost overtones, correct wrong tempo, or optimize the peak control – all without any prior skills.
- Using the professional audio effects you can remove any noise and inconsistencies caused by turntable needles, footsteps, or wind. Traffic noise can also be removed just as easily.

New in Audio Cleaning Lab 2014:

(NEW!) Automatic Sound Mastering:
- The new version gives you the perfect sound after just a few clicks!

(NEW!) Perfect Optimization for your Recordings, Smartphones included!
- It's completely capable of removing such as Wind, rain, crackling, buzzing, city noise, traffic noise, etc from your recordings.

Other Improvements:
- A large variety of the users preferences in the interface of the program.
- Complete sound optimizations.
- Track marker function for dividing long shots into the smaller.
- Automatic supplement and album information.
- Able to adjust volume levels according to preferences.
- Reduce clipping, new sound effects and add audio comments.
- Simple audio files import & export.
- Touch screen operation, quick access to audio files under file manager.
Languages: English, Deutsch, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch.

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Only the registered members can see the download links/content. please Register to gain full access.