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Thread: Kolor Panotour Pro v1.6.1

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    Kolor Panotour Pro v1.6.1

    Kolor released today version 1.6.1 of Panotour and Panotour Pro virtual tour software. This little update brings a few bug fixes to the major 1.6 version released last week.

    The changelog: what’s new in Panotour and Panotour Pro 1.6
    New Thumbnails plugin: Thumbnails stack
    Thumbnails can now be displayed as a stack in a corner of the tour.
    The user can click on a stack to expand it vertically or horizontally and click on a thumbnail to open a chosen panorama.

    Add a template for hotspots tooltips
    If you set %p as a tooltip on a hotspot linked to a panorama, the tooltip of the spot will show the name of the targeted panorama.

    View projections
    You can add some entries in the contextual menu to change the projection used to display the current panorama.

    New theme
    There are now 4 default themes available. The new one is similar to the KrPano theme.

    Easy placement of panoramas in the main area
    Add a new panorama to a project and it will be placed next to the other panoramas. There are no more superimposed panoramas.
    If you type “Shift R” on your keyboard, the panoramas will be reorganized.

    The following tips already existed in the previous versions, but they were not well known:
    If you type “Ctrl 0″ the zoom will be adapted to fit all the panoramas.
    If you type “Ctrl A”, all the panoramas are selected so you can modify their properties at once.
    As in all standards software applications, you can also hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on the hotspots or panoramas to add other items to the selection.

    Reducing distortions
    A new “reduce distortion” button in the “Panorama Properties/Images” tab computes the best dimensions to avoid distortions in the tour.

    The following features are only available in Panotour Pro.

    Google Maps inside
    A new Maps plugin, Panotour Maps, is available in the “Extra” tab.
    If you use this plugin, your panoramas containing GPS data will be automatically localized on a map.
    The panorama can be localized easily either by searching a location like on the Google Maps website or by entering the latitude/longitude.

    Radar: the panorama’s orientation is displayed as a radar in Panotour Pro.
    Just hold down the Ctrl key while a spot is selected on the map and an arrow showing the orientation will appear.

    Each hotspot displayed through the Panotour Maps plugin can be customized with its proper icon or image.

    A full customization of the plugin is available through XML editing. A documentation of the plugin features and their XML syntax will be available soon.

    Direct export of the tour through FTP
    Build and export your tour from Panotour Pro directly to your FTP server.

    Directional sounds without clicking on a spot
    It is now possible to set a sound as “display object” on a spot.
    It will add a directional sound on a panorama that will be played as soon as the panorama is loaded.

    Autorotation settings on each panorama
    In Panotour Pro, the autorotation can be set differently for each panorama. These settings are:
    - the rotation’s direction
    - the rotation’s speed
    - the delay before the rotation starts.



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