Kaspersky Small Office Security Final

This is the most recent update of Kaspersky Small Office Security. Provides all-in-one security for your business.

Because of increased reliance on computing and the Internet, all businesses are more vulnerable to malware and cybercrime attacks against their computers. Valuable business information, online financial transactions and sensitive data are all at risk.

Smaller businesses face the same security risks as large organisations, but often don't have the time or resources to configure and manage complex IT security solutions. Kaspersky Small Office Security delivers business-grade protection technologies that are designed to be simple to install, configure and run. The solution protects your Windows-based PCs & file servers and Android smartphones and tablets… to safeguard your online banking transactions, your business data and the information your customers entrust to you.

Kaspersky Small Office Security Provides:
- World-Class Security – multi-layered protection defends your business against the latest malware
- Internet Protection – secures your business against phishing attacks and exploits
- Mobile Device Security – anti-malware and anti-theft technologies protect Android devices
- Online Banking Protection – Safe Money technology adds another layer of security for online banking
- Business Data protection – data encryption and local / online backup secure your vital business data, even if a device is lost, stolen or corrupted
- Password Manager – generates strong passwords and helps users to maintain security.

- Protecting your computers, laptops and mobile devices
- Securing your online banking and Internet access
- Boosting productivity – by helping you manage Internet usage
- Safeguarding your business information and your customers' information
- Protecting your digital identity
- Giving you better visibility
- Helping you conduct business via mobile devices… securely

Key Features:
- Computer security
- Internet and online banking security
- Web policy management
- Data encryption
- Password management
- Data backup and restore
- Additional tools
- Management console
- Protection for mobile devices

Kaspersky Small Office Security Final + Kaspersky Trial Resetter : 187.29 MB
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Only the registered members can see the download links/content. please Register to gain full access.