HueShifter 1.2.0

HueShifter is an amazing new application for doing color transposition or "color shifting" within images.

Unlike other graphics applications, HueShifter works in perceptually
uniform colorspaces (Lab and Luv) while letting you select and
manipulate colors using dimensions that you're familiar with - hue,
saturation and lightness. This allows you to make changes that
are imperceptible and that look completely natural, changes that
don't have halos and fringe effects around the affected colors.

Open, drag or paste images into HueShifter, then save, drag or
copy the results to another app. You can save/drag/copy either
the color image data or the selection mask to use as a layer mask
in another app. Plus HueShifter supports images with alpha and
maintains embedded color profiles.

HueShifter works in real-time as you drag its sliders. It's multi-threaded
so it makes use of that fancy multi-core processor you have,
plus it's efficient and doesn't waste your laptop's battery or
your time watching progress bars.

What's New Version 1.2.0:
Added a masking feature to allow you to paint-out areas that will be excluded from hue shifting. It currently has a very minimal user-interface, but it uses standard Photoshop keyboard conventions to control the brush size, softness and color. See "Changing colors" in the built-in help for more information.
Changed the behavior of drag & drop to prevent inadvertently changing the contents a file-based document. HueShifter now offers the choice of replacing the current image or opening a new window.
Fixed a couple memory bugs that could cause a crash when using "Revert to Saved" or when pasting or dropping an image while Hueshifter was processing an image in that window.
Added some missing color conversions for Lab, HSB/HSV and HSL colorspaces when using the system color picker to specify or pick up a target hue. Previously, the hue was calculated in Luv colorspace regardless of the selected working colorspace.
Fixed bug in code that was supposed to prevent file name collisions when dragging an image to the Finder. A collision could occur if the file name contained unescaped characters like spaces, and the original file would be overwritten.
Turned on lossless LZW compression when saving TIFF files to reduce file sizes. This shouldn't have any functional impact when using the TIFF files with any other app, so let us know if it impacts your workflow in any way.
Added tool tips to some UI controls
Silenced some debugging statements being logged to the console
Fixed a few small memory leaks
Misc minor fixes
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