Hiren's 15.2 Rebuild All in Bootable CD Full XP w7 | 691 MB

Rebuild you the CD.Hirens.BootCD in and Portable Mini Win7, MiniXP in the following topic.

Hiren's. BootCD.15.1.Rebuild,Portable Mini Win7. interface, such as Win full, moderate capacity and multi-feature

Talk a little about Windows Xp Mini

CD Boot 2012 - Disk Rescue Professional (Including the 3 - Hiren's - MiniXP - Mini win7)
So in response to your support for themselves and towards a more professional style rescue and create convenience. Rebuild Hiren's. BootCD.15.2.thanh the Hiren's. BootCD.15.2.Rebuild combined skillfully Hiren's BootCD and Mini Win7, MiniXP with the new gadget, the inheritance and development of selective logic to improve compatibility, customizable, easy to use

File: HIREN.iso
Size: 725440512 bytes
Size: 691 MB
CRC-32: 47BD0F1D
MD5: 0A1C15E3AD0E11602EF975CE42519FB0
SHA1: 9860E14CE6791E41DD8384D03CA16F7EB400F420
SHA256: CA6AAEAAA782685C624C3D796CA701BDE1D7C87506CD355608 DF12DA2336DD7D

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