ExactScan... High-speed document scanning made for Mac.
ExactScan grows to a product-family: Professional version with OCR and barcode recognition to create searchable document on the Mac and the ExactScan 2 version. The standard ExactScan 2 has a wide variety of advanced feature from drivers to image processing, including:
Auto-crop to the actual paper dimensions
De-skew to automatically correct page skew
Intelligent thresholding to black and white documents to decrease storage space
Multiple ways to enhance the document colors
Improvements of image processing performance
Additionally ExactScan 2 allows to define multiple profiles to create presets of different scan tasks and settings. In combination with profile buttons directly on many supported scanners it is possible to digitalize stacks of paper with the touch of a fingertip.

Version 2.15:
* Added support for various new scanners
* Added support for ultrasonic multi-feed detection
* Improved support and scan-speed for certain new scanner models
* Improved auto-crop & de-skew accuracy
* Improved support for certain, rare sacnner error conditions
* Many other improvements
* Update user-interface translations
* In addition to all regular ExactScan 2 improvements:
* Added support to automatically rotate based on page content
* Improved OCR recognition, accuracy and stability

PPC / Intel, Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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