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Thread: Effects Suite 10 Complete Edition [Windows and MacOSX]

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    Effects Suite 10 Complete Edition [Windows and MacOSX]

    Effects Suite gives you creative freedom and your work a truly professional appeal. From volumetric light flares to a believable cartoon look, these are everyday tools for distinctive visual effects. Effects Suite software has been used in feature films such as Titanic, Star Wars and Bourne Identity, and the package includes plug-ins that have served the visual effects community for years.

    Red Giant Effects Suite 10 Complete Edition include:

    Knoll Light Factory 2.7 is one of the industry's most popular motion graphics tools. It is most famous for its high-fidelity simulations of light effects called flares, which simulate reflections from a very bright light source as seen through a camera's lens. Knoll Light Factory is Hollywood's go-to tool for adding interest to text or logos or extra pop to FX explosions. Now includes CS5/64 bit compatibility, new custom flares, Knoll 3D Flare and a new Lens Designer for Adobe CS5 users. Effects suite also include Knoll Light Factory for Photoshop Version 3.2.

    Holomatrix 1.2 lets you control your reality and offers a new dimension in effect generation. Now you can get the look of your favorite hologram effect in After Effects in just two clicks. The package includes over 30 presets that turn ordinary footage into animated sci-fi holograms, mimics bad TV reception and creates realistic looking digital signage.

    Image Lounge 1.4.5 contains a set of over 20 After Effects filters to give greater impact to your images. Replicate natural elements like fire, smoke, and water. Add realistic touches using shadows, displacement, color mapping, or use accurate camera blur and focus effects to replicate out-of-focus images shot with a film camera.

    PlaneSpace 1.4 eliminates the tedious task of managing the individual layers in multi-layer effects. The Creator tools automatically create layers that form cubic, cylindrical, and spheroid shapes or complex matrices, while the six Distribute tools arrange 3D layers throughout 3D space into the shape of your choice without requiring keyframes or complicated math.

    Psunami 1.4 - used in Miramax’s movie, “The Aviator”, Psunami generates precise 3D geometry of an ocean surface, then produces ultra-realistic ray-traced output that looks like real water, from flat pools to raging high seas. Choose from hundreds of editable controls, and even place your camera underwater for the ultimate immersive effect. Psunami has been used in many feature films, television, productions and commercials.

    TAnarchy 2.4 - whether you're adding visual background noise, using type as a texture, or flashing words to reinforce a theme, type is an important element of your composition. Also includes the Geomancy Shapes plug-ins. ToonIt 2.1 - give video footage that sought-after cartoon look easily and quickly with unique algorithms to transform your image into beautiful cartoon shading and lines. Its five plug-ins free you from time-consuming techniques like rotoscoping and hand painting, and give precise control over styles, shading and outlines. Version 2 adds the Heat Vision plug-in (mimicking the look of the Predator movies), 14 new styles, new presets, and faster output.

    Warp 1.1 - the six powerful plug-ins in Warp give you ultimate control over shadows, reflections, glows and corner point warps. The Shadow tool renders realistic shadows for text or subjects shot on greenscreen, while the Reflection tool creates perfect mirror-like reflections. Use Radium Glow, Glow Lite and Glow Edge to add sophisticated glows and glimmers to any project. The Corner Pin tool heightens realism in any scene with advanced features for working with warped images, importing tracking data from Mocha for After Effects, and adding secondary transforms and motion blur.

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