. The portable anti-virus scanner (complete replacement Dr. Web CureIt! - bases, the scanner, a kernel) are refreshed
2. After start! install6 worker Dr is received completely. Web 6 (a spider, autoupgrade, self-defence)
3. After start! install5 worker Dr is received completely. Web 5 (a spider, autoupgrade and тд)
Unique in own way assemblage:
1) Complete replacement Dr. Web CureIt! - bases are refreshed, the scanner, a kernel that saves each time of need to swing all distribution kit
2) Dr. Web 6 in assemblage has no a uniform minus before the licence - complete self-defence, are automatically refreshed All! Antivirus components.
3) Dr. Web 5 it is possible to instal without reboot of OS and also to delete
4) the Key in assemblage is not checked - assemblage works with any not delayed key, though with забаненным
5) In assemblage it is used usual free OEM a key and any of files Dr is not updated. Web, that does all assemblage pure before the law.
6) Assemblage is refreshed from official servers Dr. Web

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