Corel AfterShot Pro v1.0.0.39

AfterShot Pro Corel Corel is the solution to organize your RAW photos, but also opens TIF and JPG images, like a professional. Corel has been offering products for image editing, like the mythical Paintshop Pro On this occasion provides a tool, Corel AfterShot Pro, designed for importing photos, store them in albums and retouch in a few steps. AfterShot Corel Pro will help you organize your photos by tagging and scoring them. It also has a handy metadata editor to change settings and add new information, such as photographer or where they did. AfterShot Corel Pro can cut a piece of the image, rotate it and not a thing thanks to a powerful magnifier, ideal for errors or misrepresentations. Otherwise, the picture displays information and provides histogram presets to save time and habitual light touches, saturation, color balance, exposure, etc..