CL Projects Virus B Attack KONTAKT | 3.23 GB

Following up on the success of the popular Virus, Access unleashed an upgraded model in 1999, the Virus B. The original Virus A had 12-voice polyphony, but the new OS in the Virus B doubles the polyphony from 12- to 24-voices and the oscillators, from 2 to 3 per voice. The new OS also added an enhanced programmable 32-band vocoder. There are now up to 82 simultaneous effects, a retro-phaser (6-stage stereo phaser with 24 filter-poles), chorus/flanger, ring modulator, multiple forms of distortion, an analog boost algorithm, and an envelope follower. Up to five FM (Frequency Modulation) modes are also on-board now and many new sounds have been created for this bigger and better version of the Virus.

Kontakt 5 sample library:
Thank you for downloading the CL-Projects Virus b Attack Kontakt sample library. Included is the CL-Projects Virus b Attack Kontakt sample library for the Kontakt 5 software sampler. All instruments fully editable via the ‘Controls’ and ‘Additional Effects’ scripts.
This library consists of samples from the Access Virus b synthesizer. The sounds were sampled in 16 Bit 44.100 Khz stereo sample WAV format and compressed with Kontakt 5 into the Kontakt 'ncw' sample format, all with as less effects as possible.

The effects were recreated with the effects in Kontakt 5. Steinberg Cubase 6 was used to sample the sounds and they were edited with Sony SoundForge 10. Existing Native Instruments scripts were merged and edited for the 'Controls’ script and the 'Additional Effects' script was made by myself.

Library contents:
Instruments (nki) Multis (nkm)

Arpeggios: 10 patches Arpeggios: 3 patches
Bass: 24 patches Bass: 2 patches
Brass: 12 patches Brass: 3 patches
Drums & Percussion: 23 patches Drums & Percussion: 3 patches
FX: 13 patches FX: 3 patches
Keys: 28 patches Keys: 6 patches
Leads: 13 patches Leads: 2 patches
Pads: 52 patches Pads: 9 patches
Plucked: 10 patches Plucked: 2 patches
Strings: 22 patches Strings: 2 patches
Synths: 48 patches Synths: 6 patches
Winds: 7 patches Winds: 2 patches

Total of 305 patches.

1. After downloading the files to your harddrive, extract the archive.
2. The ‘CL-Projects Virus b Attack’ folder can be moved to any local or external harddrive.
3. Don’t change the folder structure or the ‘Arpeggios’ and ‘Multis’ patches won’t find the samples..
4. Use the Kontakt browser to locate and load the patches.
5. Enjoy the sounds.

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