AutoMapa 6.12 RC EU (2013/ML) Windows Mobile / Windows PC | 2.1GB

AutoMapa 6.12 - a program for GPS navigation. There are 3D and night mode. There are audio language: RU, LT, EN, DE, FR. Option truck. We can calculate the area of ??the site. AutoMapa is very comfortable and functional navigation software that helps you find the quickest or shortest route to the desired object, with uchityvyutsya negatives of turns, reversals, -way traffic in major cities and many other nuances.

AutoMapa - is a, unique and advanced enough in the circles of GPS navigation software, this product has already won the hearts of many motorists are increasingly resorting to a route with GPS navigation devices. Program a variety of useful, and most importantly, the right features for a successful route to the selected object. As for coverage, covers the entire territory of Europe and of course, Russia.

AutoMapa is a leader in innovative solutions. This is the first Polish system that supports the collection of traffic data, and users will soon be able to avoid traffic jams with the program. AutoMapa has been guiding drivers since 2003, and it continues to be the most popular and the most frequently awarded GPS NAVIGATION software.

The program is designed for PDAs, laptops, navigators. It works with any GPS-receiver that supports NMEA 0183 and is available in versions: AutoMapa Polska XL contains only the map of Poland, AutoMapa Europe and comes with maps of 25 European countries. The latest version supports the display of three-dimensional objects and provides three-dimensional images of buildings 34 Polish cities.

System Requirements
AutoMapa 6.11 Unsupported Operating System: PPC 2003 and WCE 4.2

A device compliant with of the following specifications:
Windows Mobile 5/6, Windows CE. NET 5.0/6.0, Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (x32_x64)

Set the program when you install remove the check mark from the register,. PROGRAM propatchena.

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