Auction Bidding Sniper for eBay 3.0.9

Seeing an important eBay auction on your Macintosh Computer is one thing, actually winning is quite another. Play your cards close to your vest,
and your eBay bids even closer by doing your own eBay Auction sniping.
Got something important you want to remember to bid on near the end of
the auction? Now it gets interesting. This app actually makes eBay useful again. This Mac App has two modes, You can either have the app automatically snipe/(bid) for you at the last moment on an eBay auction,
or you can set custom alerts so that you can snipe/(bid) in person at the last moment.
To have the app snipe for you automatically, follow the steps 1,2,3,4 at
the bottom of the App window. (see "How to set up your Macintosh" below)
To snipe in person, first go to your preferences in the bottom right of the window and set up the alert times you want triggered before an auction's end. Then go to an auction with an end time. A new button in the bottom
of the window will light up, click on 'Add to Calendar' and you've added that auction to your Device's Calendar with the preset alerts, and with iCloud, you've added it to all your devices.

Lang: Englisch
Size: 3 MB
Format: .app
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