Advanced Image Viewer and Converter 1.6 | 0.9 Mb

Advanced Image Viewer and Converter is a powerful image viewer, converter and manipulation tool. It supports more than 50 popular raster, vector and animated image formats. Moreover, it integrates many extra functions, including encrypting and decrypting your private images, converting and renaming image files in batch with specified rules, making html album, sliding show with 140+ special effects, full controls when playing animated images, wallpaper setup, etc., to let you manipulate the image files easily and efficiently.

Supported image formats:
*.AFI; *.ANI; *.AVI; *.BMP; *.BW; *.CEL; *.CIF; *.CUR; *.CUT; *.DCX; *.DIB; *.DXF; *.EMF; *.EPS; *.GIF(Including animated GIF); *.HG; *.HGL; *.HPG; *.ICO; *.IMG; *.JFIF; *.JPE; *.JPEG; *.JPG; *.MAC; *.PBM; *.PCC; *.PCD; *.PCX; *.PDD; *.PGM; *.PIC; *.PLO; *.PLT; *.PNG; *.PPM; *.PSD; *.PSP; *.PTF; *.RGB; *.RGBA; *.RLA; *.RLE; *.RPF; *.SCR; *.SGI; *.SLD; *.TGA; *.TIF; *.TIFF(Including Multipaged TIFF); *.UFO; *.VST; *.WBMP; *.WMF.

Advanced Image Viewer and Converter supports encryption and decryption of the image files. Four popular encryption algorithms are supported (Blowfish, Twofish, Cast128 and Rijndael)!

Advanced Image Viewer and Converter is continuously and intensively being enhanced.

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