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Thread: Acrobat 8 Standard + Enfocus Pitstop Pro 7.03

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    Post Acrobat 8 Standard + Enfocus Pitstop Pro 7.03


    MBPitStop Professional 7 is the de facto standard for graphic arts and publishing professionals needing to preflight, edit and fix PDF files. No other preflight software comes close to offering PitStop Professional 7’s comprehensive range of tools, giving you unprecedented control over your PDFs right up to the minute they go to press.

    PitStop Professional 7’s extensive PDF preflight options ensure every possible error is caught before output. With custom preflight reports and a new enhanced PDF Navigator, it’s easy to jump from the preflight report right to a problem highlighted on the PDF page. PitStop Professional 7 also performs a wide range of fixes for common PDF prepress errors, meaning you don’t need to make time-consuming manual changes to your files. And if you need powerful automation (adding or removing logos, page headers or converting colors, for example), PitStop Professional 7 can now embed Enfocus Action Lists right into your PDF Profile, offering a huge scope of test and modification options all from a single click of your mouse. And there’s more! For the ultimate in preflight control, PitStop Professional 7 also fully incorporates Enfocus award-winning Certified PDF® technology, allowing you to track changes to files, roll back to previous versions and guarantee PDF quality from start to finish in your workflow.

    With so many options available, PDF preflighting could seem a dauntingly complicated task for the novice and professional alike! PitStop Professional 7 eases the transition to becoming a PDF guru by providing a broad selection of pre-configured PDF Profiles that check and correct all common prepress errors. PitStop Professional 7 even ships with PDF Profiles based on PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4 and the very latest Ghent PDF Workgroup standards, meaning you can get a bulletproof, standards-compliant workflow up and running in record time.

    And for those times when you need to make manual changes to a PDF, PitStop Professional 7 also provides a host of powerful tools. Select and edit PDF elements such as text, vector objects, raster images, and color profiles then change properties such as fonts, font embedding and outlining, color spaces, size and position, image resolution, ICC profiles and much, much more. You can even add bleed and do color-managed color conversions on an object-to-object basis - features hard to find in a fully-blown DTP application! For maximum color fidelity, pick the color engine of your choice from a range of industry standard CMS solutions. If you feel the need for speed, try using PitStop Professional 7’s Global Changes which provide easy-to-configure document-wide modifications such as global color or font changes. And because PitStop Professional 7 is an Adobe® Acrobat® plug-in, you can perform all your modifications without ever having to leave Acrobat’s familiar interface.

    This package includes Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard and Enfocus Pitstop Pro

    [URL="https://mega.co.nz/#!YRdh2Ljb!HnVF0RuTCjyzjo9fETXY9UPPzzE4Tz7fyAlkE1J BXDk"]https://mega.co.nz/#!YRdh2Ljb!HnVF0RuTCjyzjo9fETXY9UPPzzE4Tz7fyAlkE1J BXDk[/URL]
    Password: printroot.com
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