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Thread: Xerox FreeFlow 8

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    Xerox FreeFlow 8

    Does anyone use it ?

    I'm starting right now to use it on iGen4 from a long experience with EFI Fiery rips (on ocè/konica minolta printers) and I'm searching for users to know opinions and tip/tricks on it

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    Hi there,

    What programs are you using with Freeflow?
    We have a few DocuTechs that have DocuSP 5.1 RIPs. The 5.1 version is pretty basic and doesn't have as many features as the Fiery, though I have heard that the newer versions have more features.
    For preparing the documents we use Makeready (Also part of FreeFlow) and it's a pretty powerful program for creating, editing, cleaning up and impositioning of large documents (hundreds of pages).
    If you have any questions regarding these - I'd be happy to reply.

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    We love it

    We have been working with Freeflow running a Xerox 8002... We have just started to do some custom profiling to meet our clients needs on a series of documents they are publishing. Our operators ( many of whom have previous Docutech experience) really like using it - the only challenging thing is the fact that is running a Unix GUI so we are having to wrap our ICC profiles in a .tar archive... We run this ( side-by-side) with a smaller Docucolor 260 with a bundled Fiery rip and loaded a profile created for a Xerox 7002 with a Fiery rip and the output from Fiery to Freeflow ( using this custom profile) is close enough to be indiscernible to our client. We are looking forward to this front end improving and growing.

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    thanks for the info, i also wanted to get me this!

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    DocuSP 5.1 in french - looking for English version


    We got machine Xerox 4110 EPS alongwith Sun Ultra 20 server DocuSP 5.1 in french language, we want to change language ENGLISH .. can anyone help.

    Kind regards

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