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Thread: Software Rip FM halft

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    Software Rip FM halft

    Hi all, I need a software rip to print films for screen printing.
    Now I'm using SAI Photoprint with AM halft, but I would try FM halt (or hybrid) to eliminate moirè.
    I know that photoprint have option for other type of halft but I can't size the dot:

    There is a rip that I can size the dot size of FM half (in microns or other)?
    I know there is Accurip that can do this, but do you know other software?

    Thank you, bye.
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    You could try this RIPs that is floating around the forum and search them.

    Wasatch SoftRip SP <-- you can choose the dot sizes in microns, always go with same resolution (720x720, 1440x1440 and 2880x2880)

    any Harlequin based Rip <-- very nice FM screens

    there are a lot of rips that can do that now a days, you'll just have to be patient and almost if not are here in the forums

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