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Thread: RIP software not changing colour accurately

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    RIP software not changing colour accurately

    Hey guys,

    i know a couple of of you would call me lazy, but i'm here looking for a solution that makes the process fool proof.

    So we print a few magazines. The designers send us PDFs and using our screen (impos2000) rip, we rip the files and impose them on another software which releases the plate. We have about 2 to 3 magazines happening at the same time and this time around the desiner by mistake sent us a page with RGB images. And as expected the colours in those images went awfully wrong. As when we convert colours on our RIP they do not come out that well in comparison to when we change RGB to cmyk on Corel or AI

    Is there a way we can have our rip software tell us if an RGB profile is involved or do we have to open each page and check for RGB.

    We have been opening every page and checking but that unfortunately is a time consuming process.

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