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Thread: RIP for mimaki jv3

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    Thought Rasterlink was free with the printer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pir8mack View Post
    Thought Rasterlink was free with the printer?
    Rasterlink 5 SG is bundled with the printer like JV33, but it is the worst RIP I have ever seen. It's interface is like a 5 year old made it in a spare time with delphi, it uses mdb as it's database system, it is a joke.

    Furthermore it can't use any custom ICC profiles because you get RIP bundled with printer but no dongle for Master ProfileMaster II that is used to set ink limits, linearize printer and make custom printing presets like how many passes, resolution etc.

    Mimaki bundles this RIP because it is locked and you are force to use only profiles provided with it.

    Look at Canon or EPSON do their wide format printers need RIP for printing - NO.
    You can use RIP if you need the benefits it provides but you are not force to use RIP that is worse than printer drivers from Canon and EPSON.

    That is just my 5 cents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hulkster2011 View Post
    I use Colorgate Production Server for my MIMAKI JV 3, Roland SP 540V, Epson Stylus Pro 9900 and HP DesignJet L25500. It is simple to use for anyone and have a lot of Options to use the Maschines. There are a Lot of Proflies in the www.

    Sorry for my English.
    do you have the dongle, or you simulate somehow that???

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    Quote Originally Posted by avecavec View Post
    do you have the dongle, or you simulate somehow that???
    Vote for photoprint

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    Quote Originally Posted by vit View Post
    I use Ergosoft PosterPrint
    for ergosoft you need a dongle?

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