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Thread: Registry marks

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    Registry marks

    Hi folks,

    I've been having an issue what I had already fixed. Customer is printing a Imposed 2x1 Step and repeat book with crop marks preparing with Adobe. File is 400 B/W pages and 50 color pages. They generate a PDF document and import file on their rip (Fiery). When they proccess the file all pages are counted in color so customer claim because pricing is different between color and b/w pages. Some time ago, I fixed the issue creating a Spot color substitution with the name of All (CMY:0 K:100) however I do not undestand why this setting does not work on certain rip so I wonder If there are a way to change this crop marks to pure black on Adobe applications.

    I'm printing on a Xerox iGen4 with Fiery controller.

    Kind regards.
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    I advise you to first use of additives for acrobat ENFOCUS PitStop. It is a very useful tool and there you can see where the problem is in the gray pages. I have creo rip and I have a similar problem when i used gray then I'm all convert in CMY 0 and K 100 and it started working. This addition, each of you here in the forum and warmly recommend it. I think you will solve the problem. Sorry but my English is not ok.

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