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Thread: Preps Demo Movies

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    Preps Demo Movies

    Preps 5.3.2 AutoGang demo movie (http://download2.kodak.com/13/6304/1/Preps532_Ganging_AutoGang.mov)

    Preps 5.3.2 AutoGang Hot Folders for Prinergy demo movie (http://download2.kodak.com/13/6315/1/Preps532_Ganging_AutoGang_wHotFolders.mov)

    Preps 5.3.2 Ganging Overview demo movie (http://download2.kodak.com/13/6305/1/Preps532_Ganging_Overview.mov)

    Preps 5.3.2 HTML Output for WST Equipment demo movie (http://download2.kodak.com/13/6306/1/Preps532_HTML_for_WST.mov)

    Preps 5.3.2 Mark Rules Editor demo movie (http://download2.kodak.com/13/6302/1/Preps532_Mark_Rules_Editor.mov)

    Preps 5.3.2 Scaled Shingling Feature demo movie (http://download2.kodak.com/13/6303/1/Preps532_Scaled_Shingling.mov)

    Preps Pro 5.3.2 Auto Signature Creation demo movie (http://download2.kodak.com/13/6316/1/PrepsPro532_JDF_Auto_Sig_Creation.mov)

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