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Thread: Pandora vs Esko/Artworks PowerLayout

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    Pandora vs Esko/Artworks PowerLayout

    I have been using Esko/Artworks Powerlayout and like it. I am wonder has anyone switched from Powerlayout to Pandora?

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    I cant say much about Esko Powerlayout, but I have ben using Pandora for many years now. Its not Super fast on Mac, but very nice on PC. The integration with Prinergy is Pretty tight. The templates makes things a no brainer, I have trained plate guys that had almost no computer knowledge how to use it in a mater of hours.

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    i have idea of both software esko is very good software but problem in esko is except every file to convert own language means open software like illustrator with esko plugin after than convert pdf file than esko is except. without converting esko is showing different type of errors.esko is never except direct coreldraw created pdf.

    In pandora except any pdf file means any software created. but if you compare than esko is good.

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    artpro work pretty cool in you are in flexo printing. with combination of
    nexus :-)

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    I like esko layout is much better, so smart and so quickly.

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