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Thread: Noob question: Printing using RIP but don't want halftones. Please help? :(

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    Noob question: Printing using RIP but don't want halftones. Please help? :(

    Hi everyone, I've recently started using a RIP (Accurip) with the intention of producing films using my Epson printer.

    For B&W negatives, I'm 100% fine.

    However, I also like to use the RIP driver to print regular documents from apps like Omnigraffle etc. The RIP allows me control droplet density, which has a HUGE impact on text / graphic sharpness, especially when using cheaper paper.

    However, when I print a color graphic straight from Omnigraffle (or other software), everything only prints in black, and its all halftoned.

    Please see attached pictures of a) Omnigraffle graphic, and b) printer output

    I know a RIP is MEANT to do halftones.... but is there ANYWAY I can use the RIP to print this graphic normally? If i DON'T use the RIP driver, I can print fine, but I lack control on droplet density, and result is blotchy text (regardless of what paper type I choose). The Epson R2000 is a great printer, but a big waste if I can only print B+W negatives on it.

    1. I have emailed Accurip for support, and they basically said Accurip just prints what the software feeds it. Not really helpful for my situation.
    2. I have googled for other software that allows me to control droplet density for Epson printer, but I can't find any!

    Appreciate any guidance from gurus out there. Thanks :)
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    Just print to your normal printer driver and not the virtual Accurip driver that accurip makes. Print to your normal printer when printing normal documents. I hope this help!

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