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Thread: Newbie Help

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    Newbie Help

    Hello everyone!

    I am a student, currently pursuing my under grad. in Printing & media engineering. I am planning to do a study on printed circuits using inkjet technology on flexible substrates.

    For this, I decided to modify an already bought cheap inkjet printer to print conductive nano metal ink on various flexible substrates like paper,BOPET....etc

    I have a few questions regarding this.

    Firstly, as far as i have researched, epson printers will suit me the most as they use micro-piezo heads with variable drop sizes. However I am planning to install a CIS system which will help me easily change the ink...etc.

    do you guys think if this CIS system would in anyway interfere with the proper jetting of the metal ink??

    as far as i have researched,it wouldnt as the print head is fixed on epson printers and the CIS system would basically only change the cartridge capacity. Am i right?

    After some reasearch I have decided to use Epson Stylus T13 printer as it is low in cost and clears all my required specifications. Do you guys think it is the right choice?

    Also please suggest a suitable RIP solution for the printer.
    As I wont be using any colored ink, hence my concern is controlling the size of the droplets rather than any color management as such.

    I currently only have a very basic knowledge in the field but i wanna learn more and hence could really use some of your expert advices. :)


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    if you aren't gonna be using any color inks, you might as well use the quadtoneRIP as it's shareware (free if you want it to be) i'd advise to just make your own profiles (using quadtone or otherwise) and print straight out of photoshop instead of spending money on a rip-- do you have a spectrophotometer at your disposal already? otherwise look at the colormunki, it should come with bundled software that may work for your purposes, but it sounds like you may need to be careful about clogging those heads...

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    Very interesting idea however you might have two problems. The first one is that after you send an image from photoshop to the printer it's converted by the printer rip to whatever inks it's using (cmyk and so on). In some epson cases you may choose advanced b&w to reduce to usage of colored inks. However there is little control on what inks are used in the end... Your solution would probably be to replace ale inks in the printer. Having time and money I would like to try that. Just out of curiosity:)
    The other problem you will surely stumble on is clogging. You will get cloggs on virtually every inkjet printer and running on non-genuine materials will probably cause more clogs. Good luck anyway:)

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