Does anybody ever faced this problem: two (or more) MD installations, which are working simultaneously on big amount of files? On my past job it was normal condition at evening, when several prepress operators were making their impositions and RIPping them. MetaDimension reacts poorly in those conditions, although hardware is very powerful (strong processors and SSD). It cannot process many files in parallel. IIRC, only 4 or even 2 jobs can be processed by hi-res renderer in given moment of time: every other job will be in "waiting" state.

Well, jobs have to be done as fast as possible, so prepress operators had to manually monitor the load of every MetaDimension (it expresses simply in amount of jobs running) and to copy imposition PDFs to input hotfolder of freest RIP (the one which have smallest amount of jobs). Impositions were similar in their complexity, so RIP usually spends roughly equal amount of time for each job.

There should be a automated way to do this, and i've found a very simple solution. Every MD installation has a Tomcat web-server, which provides web-interface to MetaDimension Printmanager. It stores its JSP scripts in folder "c:\Program Files (x86)\Heidelberg\MetaDimension\HTTPServer\tomcat\w ebapps\printservice\jsp", so we can write our own script to get amount of jobs in queue.

Here it is:
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Save it to above-mentioned folder and give it a try: (replace with IP-address of your MD installation)

It will display amount of currently running jobs. Tested on MD2010-MD2016.

I've written a Perl script which utilizes this behaviour of MD. It have small amount of configuration variables inside and requires a Perl interpretator installed.

Ask freely if you have any questions or have difficulty in configuring script. And think of interesting secrets Heidelberg are hiding under the hood of their software