Hi guys,

I'm new to printing before i start.

Okay, basically i print my business cards 20up on sra3 350gsm

I use Imposition Studio to position my cards so they align perfectly for both sides and i am trying to use preps to no avail.

THE PROBLEM (Images attached)

I have a morgana card extra business card cutter which is supposed to be the bees knees but for the life of me i cant get it to cut them how i want them, there are settings but they are not very helpful.

I've uploaded images of how the cards print and i'm wondering if somebody could tell me what settings/gutter/all the tech talk i need.

I'm also willing to pay for the advice, if i could have a live skype to skype video chat with you , as i use the machine and input the settings then that's fine too.

Please help!

Images are here, i couldn't upload them on the forum.