as usually we do calibration for plate in hqrip under "calibration" section

but we want to do calibration for press as well under hqrip.

can anyone guide how to to do it?

make it simple is this way correct?

first step:
make calibration for plate under hqrip under calibration
second step:
choose intended press as target?? as i choose forgra 39l - and output plate and print offset for calibration checking?

third step:
edit or creat new existing forgra 39l profile? to key in calibrated value. save as new profile as like forgra 39l calibrated. choose it under "actual press" section?

as example in hqrip:
tone curve-None
intended-forgra 39l
actually press-forgra 39l calibrated

its this step correct??
pls guide me & many thanks