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Thread: doubts

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    Hey, im new in the forum and also in the Rip and printing area.

    I've bought a Mimaki jv33-160 BS for Sublimation, (Printing paper for then through a heat press transferr it to a t-shirt, etc.).

    I've recieved as well Mimaki Rasterlink 5 SG, which is very easy to use and maybe usefull.
    Now 3 months after using it, i've realized that there are other software as wasatch, onyx, Efi, etc. I've been told that wasatch is the best anyway i want to try all of them and then decide for myself.
    I'd like to know whichs on is the best in terms of: User friendly(Difficulty of using), Colours, (i think Rasterlink is awfull in this, colors are very difficult to reach, even using tips from forums and icc.), Compatiblity with mimaki.

    Another questions is where can i download or how can i create usefull ICC for my use.

    I've been looking in the Icc website and i can create an icc profile through photoshop, Is there a guide so i can follow to start learning how to create a profile?
    If not, where can i get profiles??, At the moment i've been told from mimaki people, that best for me was Tarpaulin 540x720, 4 Passes, Bi directional, Fast printing. Anyway i always try for my self and start trying with others but i have only 2 icc's in this resolution(Tarpaulin and MacTac). I dont want to use more resolution because i dont need it, Sublimation means Fast printing low resolution, so maybe anyone can recommend me the best icc profile for this.

    These are the questions for the moment, Hope Anyone can understand and help me.


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    the gusee way

    Try to change the profile.Do that by printing on another printer a scale of colors and compare it with the one on your printer. Find out what diferences are between the and add or remove ink in your Rip . It's a long shot but you can achive a good result in the end. It's a free way. Good luck.

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    there is only one right way.
    calibration and profiling.
    without hw device it's impossible.
    any modern RIP can run your printer i prefer EFI.
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