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Thread: Creo RIP

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    Creo RIP

    I have 2 Xerox DocuColor 250 machines, and both have Fiery rips (not basic ones). Is it better to replace them with creo rips or should I keep them?

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    Creo RIP is more superb in processing speed and possible ripping errors. It has a numerous fancy and useful features. Go for it.

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    creo rips is hardware rip or software rip?

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    Creo is very production focused. Concentrates on Hot Folder automation with minimal driver support.

    Fiery rips try to cater to all enviroments.

    If your users are not using PDF workflows I recommend you stay with Fiery otherwise Creo is a very efficient production workflow,

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    For ikarus,
    If you works with a Xerox DC250+EFI Bustled you can't change the rip without the press.
    The first xerox press that you can change only the RIP is the Xerox Color 5x0.
    One way is, with a other RIP (ORIS, Apogee,...) and an option that you can buy for the EFI bustled (Hot folders) create a new workflow for digital press.
    You control the job on the "big RIP" and the DC250's RIP only prints, no color profiling, no imposing... because this options has been taken from the "big RIP".
    job -> big rip makes all tasks (color, impose, ...) -> EFI (only print with option on colorwise CMYK Workflow "ColorWise no" -> DC250

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