Hi everybody,

just wanted to get a thread started about all the mayor RIPs for CTFs and CTPs out there. As there are soo many to chose from, i wanted you to share your own experience and satisfaction with your software. We are currently using a Apogee PDF RIP v2 for our old CTF system. Our CTPs are powered with different RIPs, one has the old Apogee-X v5, one v7 and one is running on the HQ 8.1r3. As we have different people working and prepparing inputs for this RIP, everybody is pleased with his, but lets try to get out the ups and downs of each. As many of this software is already cracked and available on this forum, its not a hard task to try it out for yourself. Personaly im more comfortable with the Apogee-X as by default it has the Pilots for Workstations included, which makes the process a lot easier, besides putting in the impositioned pdfs, theres nothing more for me to do on the RIP.

So lets try and make a comparison or detailed experience list, as if you are googling for any information on this behalf you wont anything useful. Besides, all the software RIP techies out there are somewhat strange, nobody nows anything for sure, whenever its going to work or not or will there be some more software needed.

Anyway, your personal experience is asked :).