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Thread: Buying a new mimaki cjv30-160, and questions bout software

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    Buying a new mimaki cjv30-160, and questions bout software

    so if i have a cracked version will it still work to rip for the printer?

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    Wen I bought my JV3, I chose to go with Onyx instead of Flexi. One issue was that these came from 2 different competing reseller. Then one day the Mimaki guy dropped a bomb on me ... he was going to sell me a copy of Onyx half the price the other was... problem was it was a cracked copy...

    To answer your question, Yes it will work, if the rIP supports that printer in the first place, but don't expect support from anyone except from this forum ... Going legit on your RIP is a good option in my opinion.

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    The cracked copy works just fine. Most of the features will be available but not all of them. You can print, Create Profiles, Manage Media, but the cut server doesn't work for some reason. Im not sure if someone fixed it yet but it is crucial if you are going to print, laminate, then reload to cut (all the printer does). With that said, you should just suck it up and pay for the legit copy to get all the features and support.

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