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Thread: Brisque License Problem

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    Brisque License Problem

    I need help with my Brisque system. I bought a Brisque Proof with the license attached to the computer. It's a piece of paper that has all the information and passwords to run the Brisque.

    The problems are:

    1) When I get into the brisque, I checked the license and all the options are activated. However, I cannot do my rip or expose or anything, the brisque says that "rip is not allowed" (I know that this is a license problem). So I tried putting in the license included in the package but the original brisque system just accepts anything password or any text that I input. And still the brisque is still useless even though everything seems activated.

    2) So I did a fresh installation to another hard drive, and try to input the license manually into the freshly installed Brisque v4. Now the new system is rejecting my license and says that "Invalid Password". I just input the given password and font id into the license, but I just cannot get my brisque to activate.

    What am I missing? I do not have the backup diskette nor any other backup from the dataVolumes. All I have is the passwords from a piece of paper attached to the computer.

    Any help can do... Or does anybody have the Brisque K'd or crack version?

    Thanks in advance.

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    1. Make sure license key for your Brisque version.
    2. No any crack version on Brisque. Before it locked mother board chipset.
    3. Please call Kodak remote support. It could be help you if lost license.

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