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Thread: apogee x v3 or xmf latest

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    Unhappy apogee x v3 or xmf latest

    I am currently working with apogee x v3 for the few years. Now i am planning to go for fuji xmf latest rip. Can anybody tell us which is great to work. Please tell me the advantages and disadvantages in xmf. What is the learning curve compared to apogee x. Thanking you all.

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    we moved from Palladio 30 with apogee to Fuji Vx9600 dual Beam and i install the XMF, let me tell you the XMF is very easy and has many features, the most important is the auto trapping en photographs, and it works with templates, is so easy to config hotfolders, i configured a hp5500 and a epson 9880 with 2 steps, hot folder and room prof option in the XMF, for me apogee was so great, but the technology in XMF is far better, now if you have a tiff catcher 1 bit tiff, you can export from XMF to the catcher, for example XMF rip and generate 1 bit tiff, and sent it to the raster Blaster for example, well i know every one can make its own opinion but i moved from agfa to Fuji and this was my experience,
    finally you may try the XMF for get your own idea waht is it and how its work
    see yaaaa and let me know if this info was usefull to you.

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