Hello everybody,
This is my first post. I've been doing some searching for an answer, but come up empty handed so far.

I am trying to get an Agfa Star 800NX working. We got it with some manuals and about a dozen diskettes of RIP software for Mac OS9.x, but they are unreadable - I used an old PC running an app ("MacDrive") that is supposed to allow Macintosh disks to be read, but no luck.

According to the manual, we need SBR (single-board RIP) ethernet communication software, Agfa PSE postscript environment, Adobe PostScript Interpreter and AgfaType font collection.

We have eMacs running OS 9.4, but we use an OS X machine for art.

I managed to get a transceiver device that allows 10Base-T connection to the 15-pin Ethernet connector on the RIP.

Can anybody advise me on the following:
1. Do I need to find the exact software described above, or is there a newer alternative?
2. How can I get the right software?
3. Do we need to use the old OS 9.4 machines to communicate with the RIP, or should we be able to send files direct from OS X?

Any help will be greatly appreciated - thank you!