I'm trying to get my head around the addition of imposition software in to our workflow.
At the moment we have Apoge Pre-press running with Dynastrip made templates for booklets (A4 + A5, from 4 page to over 100 pages) and most typical configuration we come across (A3 2up, A4 4up, + all work'n'turns, tumbles etc)
For all jobs that don't fit into the templates we use InDesign and layout jobs manually on SRA2 page
Question for those that use Preps on daily basis - will it (or not) improve our workflow and get the jobs out on a plate faster?
For example, if we do a booklet that is outside the size of my templates (ex 210mm square), would preps made this imposition faster than my current configuration?

What about replacing "ganging" in InDesign?

For all digital jobs I'm using Quite Impose inside Acrobat and I know how this improves my work, but I wouldn't call it full imposition solution for "big press".