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Thread: Selectable text with Exporting PDF in Photoshop?

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    Selectable text with Exporting PDF in Photoshop?

    Is there a way how to export PDF where you can select the text and copy? Usually when I export the PDF the text is not possible to select and copy... even when the text is selected the clipboard is empty.

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    could you elaborate?
    based on your headline you export pdf from photoshop
    and the text gets flattened

    if you dont want that use indeisign/illustrator

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    Photoshop PDF can keep text selectable

    Yes indeed, you can keep the text "live" in exported pdf.

    Make sure you have not applied transparency or used "faux" attributes (such as "bold" when you don't have the Bold font installed).

    Check the pdf in Acrobat (under file/properties/fonts) to see if fonts are embedded/subset.

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